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Ready to Transition Out of Your Busy and Unfulfilling Career, and Create A Business That You Feel Aligned With?


Does this sounds like you?

→ You have worked hard for the last 5-10 years to establish a professional career only to realize it isn't what you want...

→ You feel guilty for not being happy with your 6-figure salary, but know you're meant for so much more...

→ You have always wanted to start a business and become your own boss...

→You are so stressed and unhappy in your career, that you're developing severe anxiety, migraines, and panic attacks...

→ You are experiencing emotional distance in your relationships as you are tired, withdrawn, and don't engage with your partner or family like you used to...


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What is The Aligned Freedom Method?


The Aligned Freedom Method is centered on the intention of giving you a business + success coaching experience where you will learn exactly what is keeping you stuck in your career and create an aligned business plan to get you out. You will get clear on the business you want to start, and create a custom plan that will help you start your business and transition out of your career so you can finally do more meaningful work and have control over your time, energy, and income!

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To create a sustainable business and get you on the path to leaving your unfulliling career, it is important to first understand what is currently working and not working in your life. This means looking at your life holistically and getting clear on your purpose, values, and vision. 

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Release limiting beliefs and stories that have kept you stuck, living a life that is inauthentic and unfulfilling, and develop new subconscious habits, stories, and an identity that will help you transition into your dream business with ease and confidence.


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 Once you have a good understanding of your new identity, we will begin to create a plan on how to effectively create business plan, offer break down, and learn to incorporate business strategy 

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 Once the integration phase is complete, businesses move into the action phase. By focusing on growth and taking action, your new business can reach new levels of success. Don’t this is why I’ll be working beside you at all times! 

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I was stuck in a stressful job that was affecting my mental health. On the side, I run a small business where I was making triple the income of my job. However, I was still working my 9 to 5 because I was living in fear.

One if my business didn't succeed? What would I do to support my family? My business was not growing because I had to spend so much time working my job. My work/life balance was horrible. I would work on the weekends for hours and hours on my business. My 5-year-old son deserves my attention when he is home, yet I could not give it to him. I would stay up all night tossing and turning. Something had to give!

Navneet posted in a Facebook group that she quit her job to pursue her coaching business full time. I was amazed at how brave she was! To my delight, she hopped on a call with me to discuss my situation.

I could tell that Navneed genuinely cared about me and was super helpful. She actually listened to me and then offered sound advice.

That week, I met with my boss and quit my job. I was really afraid at first but followed through with it.
Now, my business can grow and thrive! I can have more time for my son. It's amazing!

Thanks so much to Navneet for encouraging me to pursue my dreams!

 - R. Beach, Web Developer 

My struggles prior to meeting Nav consisted of the tension that existed between my personal and work life. I felt like I was not giving my best effort in any aspects of my life and I wanted to build better habits to give me the sense of satisfaction that I was. My initial meeting with Nav made me feel comfortable and I found myself talking about things in all aspects of my life that I had rarely shared with anyone. Immediately after working with Nav, I was able to gain skills that I was not aware existed in order to give myself the ability to give my best efforts in all aspects of my life. I was also able to realize that inherently, the things that mattered most to me were not what I was focused on improving when I first started the personal coaching process. Understanding this hierarchy that exists for me has helped me focus on the things that are most important to me in my life. It has also made me much happier because I am and have been giving best efforts in all aspects of my life, even without knowing it. I would recommend Nav to anyone who is looking to learn more about themselves and push themselves to explore their inner workings. She has a way to get it out of you!

 - J.D., Accounting/Financial Services 
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Through The Aligned Freedom Method, I will work closely with you to implement the exact same frameworks and methodologies I used to transition out of my career as a lawyer and work in my online business full time!

I went from being a depressed lawyer with countless physical and mental health issues and a relationship that was on the rocks... having a thriving business doing what I love, being the healthiest I've ever been, and being married to my best friend! I no longer feel stuck, uncertain, or afraid - best of all, I get to education, skills, and experience to expand my business and help countless people.


What you'll learn has not only worked for me but has also helped transform the lives of dozens of clients who have been able to:

transition out of their unfulfilling careers to work for themselves in a business doing what they love while having more control over their time, energy, and income

drastically reduce stress, increase their self-esteem, and make confident decisions to improve their quality of life

rekindle the flame in their relationships as they released the work stress and became more present with their partner


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