10. Identify and Avoid Your Unconscious Biases

Dec 26, 2021

by: Navneet Mann

Unconscious and personal biases are often deeply rooted within us all, but what are unconscious biases and what do they mean?

Unconscious biases are beliefs that one holds that create behaviours towards a person or group of people, based on specific attributes. These biases are developed as a result of our upbringing, culture, experiences, and observations; biases often guide the way one shows up and how they behave and interact with others. 

Although these biases are unconscious, they can be very detrimental if they are not properly acknowledged and addressed. People may be subconsciously guided by their biases to treat someone differently based on their gender, race, sexual orientation, career, status, etc. all of which continue to widen the equality gap.  

In today’s episode, you will learn how to identify your own biases and the biases of people around you – you’ll learn how to understand your biases and how to avoid them in the future so you can forge stronger relationships and excel in your own path. 





Episode Breakdown: How t Avoid Unconscious Bias at Work


2:28: What are unconscious biases

2:50: How unconscious biases are formed 

4:16: Some generalizations and biases that people hold 

5:38: We attach our unconscious biases to the attributes we observe others to have 

6:01: When I experienced racial and gender bias at work 

9:58: Checking in with yourself to identify your own biases 

10:25: Types of biases that show up in the workplace 

10:39: Affinity bias – personal bias towards people that are similar to yourself 

12:08: Confirmation bias – confirming your pre-conceived assumptions of someone 

15:18: Gender-based bias – being judged based on your gender or sexual orientation 

17:23: Become aware when you’re the one holding the bias and identify when others are leading with their bias 

18:15: Beauty and ageist biases – thinking someone is not good enough to do a role based on their looks or age 

18:34: Understand the person before you start judging them 

19:10: What to do when you experience biases – either yourself holding the bias or witnessing someone else having a bias 

19:58: Explore where the bias is coming from 

21:05: Deciding how you need to react in presence of a bias 

22:10: What you can do when you’re holding unconscious biases 

23:41: Question some of your cultural norms and stereotypes you believe 

25:08: Drop your biases and forge stronger personal and professional relationships 




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