11. Why Your Relationships Matter More Than Ever

Dec 26, 2021

by: Navneet Mann

In times of catastrophe, people normally rally together but what do you do in the most uncertain times when everyone is asked to isolate and stay apart? Now more than ever is the time to lean into your relationships and become stronger together. 

It’s human nature to connect with others – having a sense of community allows you to support one another in good times and bad. Right now it’s important to consider your personal and professional relationships and identify how you can leverage those connections for your success and the success of those around you. 

Healthy relationships are the key to your professional growth. Relationships help you develop stronger communication skills, forge deeper connections, and identify your own blind spots. The stronger your connections are with others, the more success and happiness you’ll cultivate in your life. You are only good as those you choose to keep in your circle – so choose wisely. 

In today’s episode of the Speed of Life Show, we discuss the importance of healthy relationships and why they are more important than ever. You’ll get tips on how you can stay connected in a society that is asking you to self-isolate and learn how to leverage your network and connections to forge stronger relationships. 





Episode Breakdown: Why Your Relationships Matter More Than Ever

1:48: Usually during catastrophes, people come together – now we’re being mandated to stay apart 

3:22: The stronger your relationship is with yourself, the healthier relationships you can create with others 

4:53: Human nature is to connect with others – want to feel like you’re a part of something bigger than yourself 

6:38: Benefits of having healthy relationships 

7:20: Having solid relationships helps reduce levels of stress 

8:30: When you respect the people around you, you see things from different perspectives 

10:15: Relationships help you develop as a person – its someone to check your personal blind-spots

12:05: Behind every successful person is an army of other successful people that have helped them 

13:35: You have two options in times of hardships – back up or speak up 

14:52: How can you lean into your own network for the benefit of yourself, your work, your business etc. 

17:03: When we support someone and help them grow, we grow too – we all grow together 

25:08: Drop your biases and forge stronger personal and professional relationships 

21:40: Look at how you communicate with others – that’s how the world sees you 

23:52: Three things to do to develop more genuine key relationships 

27:40: Review of episode 



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