12. Build Your Resilience in Adversity

Dec 26, 2021

by: Naveneet Mann

Feeling overwhelmed? Lacking direction in these uncertain times? You’re not alone! 

This is one of the most uncertain times of our adult lives – we could not have planned such adversities or planned how to respond in such a situation. A big challenge right now is the lack of control and not knowing what’s next. Whether you are in the midst of making major life changes (which are now paused) or if you are re-evaluating and deciding what’s next, there is a lot of fear around what residual effects this time will have on your career and life. 

Regardless of how this pans out, resilience is the key factor to making it through and being stronger than ever. 

Now is the time to build your resilience and continue to get stronger as we navigate these unknown times together. Being more resilient will help you overcome this challenge and come out as the stronger and best version of yourself. 

In this episode, you’ll learn tangible steps to help you build resilience during this adversity. I’ll be sharing tools to help you move forward and plan for more security and certainty, even in the most uncertain times.  





Episode Breakdown: Building Resilience in Adversity and Uncertainty

2:50: What to do when we have no control over what’s next 

4:46: Why are you feeling so uncertain right now – what is the impact on your life personally? 

8:36:  Helping you create more certainty and security during these times 

9:01: Focus on opportunities – take an inventory of the things you love and things you want to change in life 

11:10: Be resourceful – the internet is your best friend right now 

11:51: How to pivot in times of uncertainty – people are innately adaptable 

13:22: Resilience is the strength and speed at which you respond to adversities 

13:56: Each time you face hardships you’re building resilience as your ability to adapt is being challenged 

16:33: There’s plenty that you can’t control, but what you can control is your reaction 

17:34: Three strategies that you can use to build resilience 

19:01: Choose where to focus your attention and reframe your mindset 

21:05: Come up with three good things that happened in your life everyday 

22:33: When you’re taking an action or having an adverse thought – ask yourself this question 

24:39: Recap of three steps to building resilience 

26:18: Do an inventory of what matters (must-haves and cannot-stands) to propel yourself forward 



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