13. How to Pivot During Uncertainty

Dec 26, 2021

by: Navneet Mann

If there was ever a time to step back and re-evaluate your career and life, it’s now.

Uncertain times bring challenges but also show us our blind spots and help to identify the gaps in our lives. It’s during the most uncertain times that we get clarity on what is most important and whether our current path is aligned with what we truly need. 

It’s the most uncertain times that give us the opportunity to re-evaluate our lives and consider options for our futures. As such, while we are learning how to navigate unfamiliar circumstances, we are faced with opportunities for reconsideration and growth. This is the time for you to take an inventory of what matters and consider if you’re exactly where you need to be. If not – this is a chance for you to plan how you’d like to pivot your life.

Is your work meaningful? Is it challenging you and serving you in the best way? Are you satisfied with your career and future trajectory? 

In this episode of The Speed of Life Show you’ll how to re-evaluate where you are and what to consider in order to plan a pivot that is fully aligned with your personal goals and needs. 





Episode Breakdown: How to Pivot in Uncertain Times

1:57: Using this time to re-evaluate where you’re at and how to use this time to pivot 

3:05: If you’re feeling uncertainty in your career, your life is likely impacted as well 

5:01:  Re-evaluating where you are – is this really where you want to be? 

5:35: Holding up a mirror to who you are as a person 

5:53: Focus on the reasons you chose to go into your career – are you still aligned with those reasons? 

6:48: A pivot does not mean you’re starting all over or abandoning all you’ve already done 

7:57: Change is born out of the way you react in situations 

8:50: This is your opportunity to figure out what you want your post-pandemic life to look like 

14:14: Make a list of the most important things to you to discover your values 

14:40: Consider your big “why”, your purpose 

16:24: Think about what was important to you 6 months ago – is that still important to you now? 

16:58: Don’t go back into a situation that no longer serves you 

17:47: True priorities are revealed during hardships 

18:07: Innovation is born out of crisis 

19:35: This time of uncertainty is a time of need – identify the opportunities 

21:44: There’s no reason for you to be waking up everyday stressed

22:10: It’s possible for you to have a career that is fully aligned with you as a person 

22:58: Start filling in the gaps between where you are and where you want to be 

23:20: Summary of steps needed to re-evaluate and pivot 

24:02: Additional support is available to you – let’s create the perfect plan for you and help you get there!



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