14. How to Overcome Overwhelm

Dec 26, 2021

by: Navneet Man

Our work and lives have become increasingly busy as we’re presented with unprecedented times and new challenges. 

Given the current landscape of the world, many of us facing conflicting emotions, radical ups and downs, and increased uncertainty. On top of the usual personal and professional obligations, many of us are experiencing increased pressure to be productive – which is leading to a paralyzing overwhelm. 

Although it's valuable to use any new-found time to push forward with your side-hustle, or learn a new skill, it's equally as important to set realistic expectations of yourself. Self-inflicted pressure to be more productive can lead to debilitating overwhelm. 

Overwhelm is a common emotion but it doesn’t have to stop you from moving forward and accomplishing your goals. In this episode of The Speed of Life Show, you’ll learn how to overwhelm shows up in your life and 5 things you can do to overcome it. 





Episode Breakdown: How to Overcome Overwhelm

2:25: Alongside a high-productivity mindset comes a lot of overwhelm 

3:21: Even good news comes with a lot of responsibility as the to-do list continues to grow 

4:34:  Overwhelm is all-encompassing, it is both mentally and emotionally draining 

5:07: Different ways in which overwhelm shows up 

5:35: Overwhelm can be induced by never-ending to-do lists and pressure to be hyper-productive 

7:25: Your body goes into fight, flight, or freeze response during overwhelm  

8:40: Look at things from a birds-eye view 

10:07: Importance of listening to your body 

11:20: Too many options/too many things to do creates analysis paralysis 

12:15: Five things you can do to overcome your overwhelm 

13:46: Nip the overwhelm in the bud before it starts, acknowledges where it’s showing up for you 

16:43: Reframe the way you see your to-do list 

19:19: Multitasking wires your brain to believe all the tasks are the most important and must be done immediately 

21:23: Factor in the fact that life happens and be realistic with your timeframes and expectations 

23:44: Set realistic expectations and celebrate your progress 

24:53: Take a timeout and do something that feels good to you and is easy 

26:02: Summary of five ways to overcome your overwhelm 

22:58: Start filling in the gaps between where you are and where you want to be 



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