15. Stop Thinking You’re Not Good Enough

Dec 26, 2021

by: Navneet Mann

If you’ve ever questioned whether you’re “enough” or stopped yourself from moving forward because you doubted your own abilities, then you’ve experienced the wrath of limiting beliefs. 

Although beliefs are mostly established in your childhood, your carry these beliefs through your life and apply them to new experiences and opportunities. Any time you’ve desired an outcome but couldn’t achieve it, then repeated the non-desirable outcome over and over – that was your limiting beliefs playing out at full force. 

Your beliefs are meant to protect you. They keep your in your comfort zone to ensure you’re in a safe and familiar place; however these same beliefs are limiting you and causing you discomfort.

The good news is, these beliefs are simple opinions that you hold to be true and they can be changed! 

Learn my three step process on how to overcome your limiting beliefs and rewire your brain for new thoughts that support your goals on this episode of The Speed of Life Show. 

As always, if you need help applying this process or want to go deeper into overcoming your own limiting beliefs, then click HERE to book a call with me today to discover what’s possible for you!  





Episode Breakdown: Stop Thinking You're Not Good Enough

2:30: Limiting beliefs have an effect on self-esteem, confidence, and who we are as people 

5:56: Beliefs are developed as a response to your environment and upbringing as a child 

6:51: Breaking down limiting beliefs in your own life 

8:17: Identifying where limitations are coming up for you 

8:37: This is your opportunity to figure out what you want your post-pandemic life to look like 

10:01: You’re getting the same result because you’re staying “safe” where you currently are 

11:07 Identify the narrative in your mind that is holding you back from accomplishing what you want 

13:17: You don’t move forward because you tell yourself you don’t know the next steps 

13:43: When you use the excuse “there isn’t enough time”, there is a deeper limiting belief behind it

14:55: Are these facts or are they just opinions? 

15:45: The 3 step process to changing your limiting beliefs 

17:21: Turning around the limiting beliefs 

19:41: You’re going to stop yourself from taking action because you believe you’re not good enough 

20:17: If you change the underlying thought, the results will follow 

21:38: Episode summary 


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