16. Get Motivated. Stay Motivated.

Dec 26, 2021

by: Navneet Mann

Some days you spring out of bed and feel unstoppable, other days you want to pull the covers over your head and wait for the day to pass. Either way, you’ve probably experienced cyclical motivation.

Staying motivated can be tricky as life gets more “busy” and priorities start to shift. It is at these times that it’s most important to be able to re-focus and get back on track! One of the most important things you can do to stay motivated is getting clear on your purpose and big “why”. Tapping into your greater purpose allows you to break through the hard times where motivation is the last thing on your mind! 

In this episode of The Speed of Life Show you’ll learn how to get clear on your big “why”; you’ll also walk away with strategies and practical tips to help you get motivated when you’re drained and stay motivated when you’re on fire! 





Episode Breakdown: Get Motivated. Stay Motivated.

2:04: It’s human nature to feel off sometimes – nobody can have it on 24/7

2:31: Being motivated helps you stay focused and accomplish your goals with ease 

3:33: Motivation helps you clarify your dreams and goals and chase after them 

4:55: What I’m doing to improve and look at my own motivation and productivity 

6:00: When you’re feeling friction and lack of motivation, break down the reason tasks aren’t getting done 

7:01: Why people get unmotivated 

7:51: When life gets “busy” – consider what’s taking priority and whether that’s aligned with your goals 

8:50: There is a difference between doing busy work and productive work 

10:48: Perfection is the enemy of progress 

11:32: When things are tough and you’re unmotivated – start with your big “why” and greater purpose 

12:26: How do you know what your purpose is or what your big “why” is 

14:10: Consider your idealistic situation and what you can do to make that happen 

15:30: If you don’t know what your big goals are, it’ll be hard to map out a plan to achieve them 

16:06: How to put your goals into perspective and solidify them 

17:53: Set yourself up for success in the morning 

20:20: Once you get started, you’ll power through 

21:29: Do one thing every day that moves you towards your goals 


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