17. You Have the Power to Change Your Life

Dec 26, 2021

by: Navneet Mann

Overwork, over-stress, and overwhelm are a recipe for misery. 

If you’re in a place, feeling constant stress and pressure, and can’t find your way out – then you’re not alone. This is the story of so many people, specifically professionals. 

Many professionals find themselves suffering silently, with little to no options to make a change. The first step to a happier and healthier life is acknowledging that your current situation is not serving you – and if it’s not serving you, it’s likely hindering your health, relationships, and progress. 

Your current situation is keeping you stuck and is making your ideal life appear out of reach, but you have the power to change your life! 

In this episode of the Speed of Life Show, you’ll learn the exact steps you need to take in order to make a big change and take a leap towards your ideal life. 





Episode Breakdown: You Have the Power to Change Your Life

2:46: If you’re in a situation that’s not serving you, it could be hurting you 

3:03:  If you’re job is draining you, it will hinder your health and relationships  

5:10: A series of your thoughts, beliefs, and actions had you wind up in the wrong place 

5:33: Some common reasons people end up feeling stuck and can’t make the change they want 

8:33: Think about the life you currently have and the life you want – identify the gap 

9:00: Filling the gap takes time, effort, and work – you need to put in the work to make a change 

9:45: It’s easier to not make the change and to continue to complain about your situation 

10:10: Big changes require making big decisions 

12:00: No great change is ever made in your comfort zone – this is where you stay stagnant 

13:04: Don’t stay in a situation that is making you miserable and causing you grief 

18:18: Here’s what it takes to achieve your ideal life 

19:23: Start being the person that is capable of achieving the big things 

20:55: A part of figuring out what you really want is considering the things that didn’t work 

22:49: You have to do the ground work in order to make a lasting change




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