18. Obsessed with Productivity

Dec 26, 2021

by: Navneet Mann

If you’re a high-achiever, you’ve experienced an unexplainable obsession with the need to be productive all the time. You may find yourself feeling guilty for taking time off, or may experience angst when trying to relax. This is your over-achieving brain keeping you in high gear. 

Is there anything wrong with being productive? Absolutely not! Productivity takes focus, commitment, and a tonne of the drive. The issue, however, is when the obsession with productivity hinders your ability to rest and recover so you can continue at your optimal rate without burning out. 

In this episode of The Speed of Life Show we will discuss our society’s obsession with productive and how resting and giving yourself mental space can actually make you more productive! You’ll learn how to manage your “always be productive” mind and I’ll give you tips that you can apply in order to be productive in a healthy way for maximum efficiency. 




Episode Breakdown: Obsessed with Productivity

2:10: Your obsession with productivity is actually unproductive 

4:00: Think of the intention behind your need to be productive and how it fits with your end goal

5:01: Difference being productive for a greater benefit vs avoiding something big 

6:48: No point in gathering all the tools in your toolkit without knowing the structure you’re building 

7:27: Resting will make you more productive 

9:29: Be aware of the self-talk when it comes to rest and recovery – it’s needed to become more efficient 

11:18: Your rest and relaxation is defined by you – what you need to recharge your batteries 

13:27: Describing yourself as being constantly “busy” is reiterating that you don’t have time for everything 

14:30: Your inner critic is keeping you small and causing you to overload yourself 

16:36: Being able to “do it all” mostly means you’re just spreading yourself too thin 

18:00: Everything is not that urgent – focus on fewer things and do them well 

19:40: Getting clear on what you really want is going to help you get clear on how to get there 

19:51: Downtime is recharging time – best ideas come to you when you’re not distracted 

21:17: Magic happens when we least expect it – its the down times when you grow the most 

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