19. Get Unstuck & Make Confident Decisions

Dec 26, 2021

by: Navneet Mann

Ever feel stuck in a bad place with no options and no idea how to make a change?

Many professionals like you often find themselves in a draining career that no longer makes them excited or fulfilled – leaving them feeling stuck between overwhelming stress and the pressure to just stick with it, hoping it gets better. Spoiler alert: it won’t get better without action. 

If you’re feeling stuck and crave a change, but don’t know where to start – this episode is for you! 

Get clarity on what you really want, and learn a framework on how to make thought-out & confident decisions to move you forward. 




Episode Breakdown: Get Unstuck & Make Confident Decisions

3:14: A lot of high-level careers are designed for you to perform at your full capacity until you burnout 

4:46: Feeling out of options – want to make a change but don’t know how 

5:40: You’re at a cross-roads asking yourself if your’e in the right place or if your career is the right fit for you 

6:32: Determine what’s feeling disconnected for you right now 

7:26: Things to consider if you’re thinking of making a career transition 

7:53: Risks of making blind changes without a proper plan 

8:40:  Feeling like you have no options and are stuck where you are 

9:13: What to consider when thinking about making a major career transition 

10:04: How to figure out what you really want 

11:36: Determining what matters most to you in your career

13:00: Instead of trying to make yourself fit into others’ expectations – get clear on your own principals to find the right fit

15:07: Getting clear on what you really want is going to help you get clear on how to get there 

15:56: Going to a job where you’re miserable will make you manifest that misery in other parts of your life 

16:33: How to make confident decisions: Four key questions to ask yourself 


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