20. Becoming Anti-Racist

Dec 26, 2021

by: Navneet Mann

In the wake of a global pandemic and lockdown, we witnessed the brutal murder of a black man at the hands of a white police officer – it was this brutality that uncovered shameful truth that plagues our history – systemic racism and the mistreatment of people of colour. 

Like many, I have turned inward to face my own biases, prejudices, and contributions to racism. I have taken time to educate myself and continue to listen and learn so I can contribute to a lasting permanent change – so I brought on Toya Gavin to help facilitate the conversation on how we can all check our own biases and help make change. 

Toya is a lawyer, legal consultant, and founder of Legally Bold. Toya helps lawyers create 21st-century legal careers. Toya is also a strong black woman who has faced prejudice and biases in her legal career and beyond. Toya shares the importance of educating yourself, speaking up when you view racism and addressing your own unconscious biases. 

Join us for this episode of The Speed of Life Show as we dive into a candid and raw conversation about racism, discomfort, our voices, and the changes we can make on a personal and professional level. 




Episode Breakdown: Becoming Anti-Racist

3:57: The idea that you’re not qualified to speak up or have an opinion is just another way to silence people 

5:18: Why this moment feels different, on a global level 

8:00: Being non-racist vs. being actively anti-racist 

9:23: What can we do on our level to facilitate a change? 

10:30: [if you’re part of the white majority] accept that you have some power based on the colour of your skin 

11:15: Addressing your unconscious bias – 

11:26: Start where you are and then begin the process of becoming the person you want to be 

13:09: It’s hard to accept the things that aren’t great about yourself

13:50: Checking in: where you have been advantaged when somebody else is disadvantaged 

14:37: This is where I’ve contributed to the problem – personally or as a community 

16.28: The intentional system re: systemic racism 

18:04: Saying the right or wrong thing – looking at the way people are protesting 

19:32: People need to be willing to deal with criticism 

22:00: Empathize with a situation by accepting what [experienced] people are telling you is true 

25:38: What you can do yourself to make a change 

27:20: Calling out inappropriate behaviour – being nice vs. being kind 

30:24: When people are confronted on their behaviour, they may be combative and defensive 

30:08: We’ve gotta be uncomfortable to change 

36:11: Calling out the legal profession on it’s bulls**t 

37:00: Even the silence can sometimes be out of line (especially from leadership) 

38:00: Change is the unpaved road, the path isn’t clear – you’re figuring it out 

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