22. Mindset for Success

Dec 26, 2021

by: Navneet Mann

Ever feel stuck? Like you crave a change but have no idea where to start? 

If you truly want your life to look different but can’t seem to make any changes, then your mindset may be the culprit. That’s right, your mind has evolved to keep you safe and out of harm’s way – a part of it’s job is to keep you in your comfort zone (but we all know nothing great ever happens in your comfort zone!). 

Every time you try to step outside the box, take a chance, or make a major shift towards a new opportunity, your mind reminds you of all the scary things that may arise – it makes you question whether you’re good enough, smart enough, talented enough, to make the change. It convinces you to stay safe and play small – thus perpetuating the negative cycle and confirming that you are in fact not “enough”. 

Not to worry – because change is possible!

Your mindset is comprised of your past experiences, attitudes, assumptions, and beliefs instilled in you as a child. The good news is,  you can change your mindset to help you get different results. So if you’re feeling stuck and need to make a massive change – further developing your mindset and the way you think will help you achieve whatever you want! 

In this episode of The Speed of Life Show you will learn the connection between your thoughts and results – and how changing your beliefs will change your outcomes.

I will give you 3 easy steps to break the perpetuating negative cycle and create an unshakeable mindset that will help you create the type of success you crave!




Episode Breakdown: Mindset for Success

1:23: What is Mindset – beyond a buzzword 

2:20: Limiting beliefs, overwhelm, etc. are triggered by your mindset

3:00: Success is subjective – define success for yourself 

5:23: Fixed Mindset vs Growth Mindset

7:55: Connection between your thoughts and results – your thoughts create your outcomes

10:55: By changing the thought and belief around a triggering event, you can change the result 

11:57: The trigger is neutral – it’s just a fact  

14:45: Separate yourself from the thought -your thoughts don’t define you 

18:45: Unhinge the negative thought to stop the stress and anxiety 

19:07: Transform your mindset into your version of success

19:22: Gather evidence why your negative thought is untrue

20:48: Reiterate and embody empowering thoughts

23:40: Review of 3 steps to transforming your mindset


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