23. Build Confidence & Channel Your Inner Beyonce

Dec 26, 2021

by: Navneet Mann

Confidence is clarity, trust, and courage all wrapped into one – think: Beyonce. 

When you are absolutely clear on who you are, what you want, and where you’re headed – the confidence will ooze out of you. You’ll stop second-guessing yourself and make decisions with ease. When you are confident, you’ve got the courage to embody your whole self without the fear of failure or judgment. You become unapologetically yourself. 

In a world inundated with societal expectations of how one should look, behave, or carry themselves, it’s more important than ever to get to clear on who you are and what you want to stand for. It’s more important than ever to step into your unshakeable confidence and move forward with clarity. 

Confident people are less stressed, happier, and more successful. Confidence is an attribute that is internal, thus can be learned and developed over time. That means you can learn to embody the confidence of Beyonce in everything that you do! 

In this episode of The Speed of Life Show we will discuss the importance of having confidence and clarity, especially as a woman. I will give you 5 things you can do now to become more confident in yourself, your decisions, and your goals. 




Episode Breakdown: Build Confidence & Channel Your Inner Beyonce

2:34: Essence of confidence: what we are, what we believe, what we’re willing to risk 

3:18: Confidence is trust – trust in self, beliefs, and decisions 

3:50: Why confidence matters more for [professional] women 

5:45: How I became more accustomed to societal norms 

8:35: If you’re trying to fit in – the real you will come out 

9:35: Beyonce is not afraid to fail 

10:15: Even Michelle Obama suffered from imposter syndrome 

11:46: When you don’t have confidence – you’re waking up with friction and fear 

12:23: When you get clear on who you are and what you want – everything will change 

13:08: Failure means you were brave enough to try something 

14:30: Confidence makes you a stronger decision-maker

16:25: People with confidence are happier 

17:17: Intrinsic vs extrinsic confidence – confidence is internal 

18:50: 5 things you can do to become more confident 

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