24. What’s Your Purpose?

Dec 22, 2021

by: Navneet Mann

With all the changes going on in the world lately, you may find yourself wondering what your own purpose is – or what it means to have a greater purpose anyway. 

Purpose seems to be a concept that is widely used, but not always understood. Having purpose means you are a part of something bigger than yourself, that you are making a meaningful contribution to the world. 

Contrary to what many people think, purpose is not just associated with your work – instead, it is an overall guiding compass in your life. Having purpose means you’ve got clarity on who you are, what you want, and the type of world you’d like to help create. It gives you clarity on your goals, helps you become resilient, and many studies say – it even helps you live longer and healthier. Once you become clear on your purpose, everything becomes easier – everything! 

In this episode of The Speed of Life Show, you’ll learn the importance of having a greater purpose, why it’s not some big mystery to be solved, and how you can elicit your own purpose by considering 3 key questions. 




Episode Breakdown: What's Your Purpose?

3:18: The connection between your values and purpose

4:55: Your purpose isn’t just related to work – it’s an overall guiding compass to your life 

11:00: When you’re clear on your purpose and who you are – it becomes a way of being 

11:37: Benefits of having a strong sense of purpose

13:50: Alignment with purpose makes you more resilient 

14:42: Purpose gives you guidance on what you want to do that is meaningful to you

15:38: Questions to help discover your own purpose 

17:35: Consider your own unique attributes that you can contribute to the ideal world 

18:11: Consider what makes you get in the zone – where things flow easily 

19:45: Consider what you would do if you had no restrictions 

21:00:  Once you know what matters to you, you can weave it into every aspect of your life


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