3. Why Chasing Success Won’t Make You Happy

Dec 26, 2021

by: Navneet Mann

High-achievers are ambitious, no doubt – always ready to reach higher levels and accomplish even more. I mean, why settle for less, when you can have MORE and then MORE and EVEN MORE, right? 

That right there is the problem. 

Wanting more is not a bad thing, the issue is when you’re blindly chasing “more” without really knowing why. 

Always chasing the next best thing is keeping you more stressed and unhappy than it is making you fulfilled and satisfied. The deep desire to want more is making you believe what you already possess is insignificant. 

In this episode, I’ll share my personal journey of running up the corporate ladder and getting a major reality check. I’ll also share some major shifts you can start making today to re-frame your mind and create more happiness and fulfillment in your life (while still being super successful!). 


Here is what you can expect to take away from this episode:

  • Chasing the next best thing is keeping you miserable as you adapt to each level and happiness stays out of reach
  • Major (negative or positive) life events have little influence on your long term happiness 
  • Higher accomplishments make you temporarily happy if you want actual fulfillment, learn to enjoy the ride
  • Learn to set meaning goals not things you “have” to do, but things that involve passion 





Episode Breakdown: Why Chasing Success Won't Make You Happy


2:53: I was always looking for that next level of success

5:02: Never did I think a lawyer would lay their hands on me

6:08: If you believe that getting that job, getting married, or buying a house is going to make you happier – it won’t

7:21: Major negative or positive life events have little influence on your overall happiness

8:32: Happiness is a journey, not a single point in time

9:24: If you’re always looking for the next thing to make you happy, there might be something missing

10:04: Setting your happiness baseline to be higher

10:30: Recognize the signs in your development 

13:20: Connect with yourself and do a check-in

15:00: Find little happiness pockets in every situation 

15:18: Set more meaningful goals – not things you “have” to do 

17:31: Chasing the next best thing implies that you’re not in a good place

18:10: Recap: three key things to do to stop chasing success and becoming happier

20:30: Lesson the pressure on yourself and still be super successful and fulfilled 




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