5. Perfectionism is Making You Procrastinate

Dec 26, 2021

by: Navneet Mann

Perfectionism is too often worn as a badge of honour – convincing you that you’re more valuable as someone that strives only to be perfect. 


Society’s obsession with perfectionism has convinced you that if it isn’t perfect, you shouldn’t share it with the world; inadvertently, this culture has created a perfectionism and procrastination cycle which has been silently holding you back. 


This cycle has created an internal sense of fear – Fear of being you, fear of judgment from others, fear of sharing your skills and talents with the world. So what do you do? You stay safe, you hide behind the guise of perfectionism. You strive to appear to have a perfect life on the outside, but are filled with overwhelm, pressure, and anxiety on the inside. 



Learn why your perfectionism has become debilitating and how you can break the perfectionism and procrastination cycle for good in this episode of The Speed of Life Show. 

In this episode, you’ll hear: 

  • Break the Perfectionism and Procrastination Cycle and learn to be fearlessly you 
  • Getting things done is better than making them perfect the first time 
  • Importance of putting yourself out there and allow yourself room for improvement 
  • Shed that sense of self-judgment and show you as yourself with confidence 




Episode Breakdown: Breaking the Perfectionism and Procrastination Cycle

1:46: We live in a culture obsessed with perfectionism 

2:50: You are manifesting procrastination 

3:12: We’ve become accustomed to think we must be perfect and we’re valued more if we’re perfect 

4:51: Avoiding your responsibilities is not going to decrease your fear 

5:21: The desire to be perfect or to impress others just distracts you from getting things done 

6:03: Done is better than perfect 

7:22: Perfectionism is making you lose who you are 

9:43: Nothing is ever perfect 

9:53: Put yourself out there and then improve 

10:57: Perfectionism is intertwined with fear 

12:27: Shed sense of self-judgment 

13:29: Give yourself some room for improvement 



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