8. How to Identify and Avoid Burnout

Dec 26, 2021

by: Navneet Mann

Burnout is a career-related phenomenon that shows up as feelings of low energy, overwhelming stress, underlying anxiety, and the lack of control over one’s life. 

Burnout has become so common that it’s recently been recognized by the World Health Organization as a diagnosable syndrome resulting from chronic workplace stress that hasn’t been successfully managed. Working professionals are carrying the intense stress of their jobs through all aspects of their life – they are unable to create boundaries or seek help to manage their stress, which has lead to higher than ever rates of burnout amongst professionals. 

Signs of burnout aren’t always obvious, but if they are ignored, the symptoms will intensify until burnout becomes debilitating and effects your work, health, and relationships. 

In this episode of the Speed of Life Show, you’ll learn how to identify your own signs of burnout and three things you can do today to combat the burnout, starting now! 





Episode Breakdown: How to Identify and Avoid Burnout

1:11: Burnout is recognized by the World Health Organization 

3:10: Burnout is a gateway to other physical, psychological, or emotional issues 

4:35: Little support, little resources, and little mentorship lead to my burnout 

6:07: Monday mornings meant waiting for Friday and living for the weekend 

7:03: Internal struggle that goes on inside but eventually the symptoms [of burnout] scream to come out 

10:22: Signs of burnout are subtle, but intensify over time  

10:44: Different ways burnout may be showing up in your work and in life  

12:10: Things that you do that normally bring you joy may be affected by this underlying sensation of burnout 

15:03: Types of work-related causes of burnout in your career 

15:45: Types of personal causes of burnout in your life 

17:07: Mundane tasks and chores are beginning to feel overwhelming 

17:42: You need to identify your boundaries

18:20: Three ways you can help yourself and combat burnout 

21:11: Think about all of the skills and experiences you’ve acquired and think how it can be used uniquely 

24:10: All of your fulfillment doesn’t need to come solely from your job 

25:02: Episode recap 




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