9. Why Your Core Values Matter

Dec 26, 2021

by: Navneet Mann

What are “values”? Your core values are your guiding principles – the GPS of your life. Have you ever wondered how and why you got to this particular place in your life? Whether you know it or not, every decision you’ve made was likely guided by your core values. 

Your personal values are your highest priorities that fundamentally drive your decisions and the direction of your life, both personally and professionally. Values dictate your behaviour, communication, likes/dislikes, and the general way you show up in this world. 

Re-discovering what is the most important to you helps you make decisions with confidence and ease, and gives you clear perspective on your greater purpose and all you want to achieve in the future. 

In this episode, you’ll learn the importance of core values, how to discover your own values, and how to use them to align with your own purpose! 





Episode Breakdown: Why Your Core Values Matter

1:47: When you’re in resistance with something, you’re probably having a values-conflict 

2:20: Learning your own values can help you align with the best version of yourself and create the best life possible 

4:20: Self-discovery should be an ongoing process – something we do every day 

6:03: Without a clear purpose, no movement feels easier than the wrong movement 

12:22: Being aligned with my values makes me invigorated 

16:25: Tactical steps you can take to re-discover yourself and your core values 

19:07: Think about the times in your life when things were going really well and what you were feeling 

19:38: In contrast, identify the times of total chaos and frustration in your life – were your values being suppressed? 

22:14: No word or value means the same thing to two people – take the time to describe your values for yourself 

22:57: Your core values create who you are as a person 

23:10: Beliefs may change with your learned experiences, but your values are in your gut and no one can shake that 

23:22: The more you learn about yourself, the easier your decisions will become 

23:40: When you’re living a life that’s aligned with you, things become simple 

24:22: Anytime you’re feeling resistance and misalignment – think about if your values are being ignored 





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