1. If You’re So Successful, Then Why Aren’t You Happy?

Dec 26, 2021

by: Navneet Mann

Many high-achievers appear to “have it all” on the outside, but feel empty and miserable on the inside – learn why in this episode. 


High-achievers are purpose-driven, they are highly successful, and are always striving for the next best thing. I see colleagues and clients everyday pushing themselves to do “more”, achieve “more”, and become the absolute “best” – but no one ever stops to question WHY


What is it is that they’re actually looking for? 


Most of these highly successful people are actually miserable on the inside. They are looking for fill the void with more status, money, and success – but no matter what they do, that misery follows them around and they can’t seem to be genuinely happy. 


This episode will break down the reasons behind this empty success and will teach you three things you can start doing today to put the wheels in motion towards meaningful success! 

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • Higher education, accolades, and success don’t equate to more happiness 
  • How to stop setting unrealistic standards of success and live a more meaningful life 
  • How to create more overall happiness by doing more things you love and are good at 
  • How to become more fulfilled by saying no to the things that drain you 
  • Three things you can do today to align your success with personal fulfillment and create more happiness       






Episode Breakdown: If You're So Successful, Then Why Aren't You Happy?


1:14: Why high-achievers appear to have it all, but secretly feel unhappy

2:12: Definition of success

3:50: You’ve falsely convinced yourself you’ll only be happy if you’re the “best”

5:30: Once you achieve a higher standard of success, you find yourself adapting to that level

6:18: Chasing the next best thing, won’t make you happy

7:06: How to fill the void and resolve the internal struggle

8:22: Understand your big “why”

9:40: Navigate the feelings of dissatisfaction and align with what matters to you

10:24: Find something (anything) meaningful, that matters to you

12:12: Do more things that you’re good at 

13:13: If you’re doing things you love, you’re not even going to try to be better than others

15:12: Do more of what you enjoy and where you thrive

16:43: Recap – more success and accolades does not equate to more happiness 

18:43: Do less of the things that drain you 








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