It's time for you to have the online business of your dreams

So you can have ultimate FREEDOM over your time, location, and finances!


Enrolling in the Freedom Bridge Program Means You Can Start Online Business within 3 Months!

FBP will teach you exactly how to:
✅ Uncover your purposeful + profitable business idea 

✅ Establish an entrepreneurial identity and overcome internalized fears  

✅ Implement proven business strategies to generate/grow sales!

Tell Me If This Sounds Familiar... 


You feel tired, unfulfilled, and disconnected with your career... 

If so, you're not alone.

Most unfulfilled employees, like yourself, have a hard time accepting that the career is not alignment with the life they actually want.

Everything about life is starting to feel shackling, isn't it? 

You wake up every morning feeling tired, dreading the workday ahead, mentally playing out the day you'll finally give your 2-week notice.   

You’re told by family and friends that this is life - you need to work hard to earn a good income. 

But the problem is you already work really hard and that hard work is making you less and less fulfilled in your job. 

You've started to sacrifice your mental health, have lost time with family, and most importantly, you have started to disconnect from yourself...

And while you're earning a great salary in your profession, and should be "happy", you are deeply unfulfilled and the money is no longer enough... 

You walk around with a gnawing feeling of unfulfillment inside that has only been growing over the past 2 years. 

And it gets worse...

You feel trapped by your own success, as the work gets more and more mundane...

You are experiencing an existential life crisis.

You know deep inside that there is something more you want in life, but aren't sure how to get there.. 

It's no coincidence you've ended up on this page...

That's exactly why I created the Freedom Bridge Program

You've been trying to figure it out on your own, but it just hasn't worked yet...

You see peers who are running their business online, they have time and location freedom and are fulfilled with their work.

You know it's possible, but you  just can't figure out how to do that for yourself.

You want to have your own online business...

You want to break free of a job you feel suffocated in...

You want FREEDOM over your time, your location, and your finances...

So how do you go from being miserable and unfulfilled in your job to an aligned entrepreneur who earns an income while doing work they love, chooses when they work, and is making a difference in the world?

You follow the SIMPLE process I created for you inside the Freedom Bridge Program

 ▶︎ Stop telling yourself starting a business has to be complicated

▶︎  Discover the 4 key phases to start lucrative business that will help you leave your job 
▶︎ Take the guess-work out of the process and easily apply the steps and start your own lucrative online business

Very soon you'll get the exact roadmap you've been searching for, to start and grow your online business


Imagine this...


▶︎  Being crystal clear on on what you really want, and taking actionable steps towards your business 

▶︎ Waking up energized and excited for work everyday!

▶︎ Having freedom and control over your time and schedule

▶︎ Doing work that you enjoy, are good at, and is meaningful to you 

▶︎ Having an uncapped income potential with your online business

You're about to unlock your earning potential, do work you love, and finally have the FREEDOM you crave!

Introducing the....


A program designed to help you bridge the gap between your unfulfilling career and your thriving online business.

Inside the Freedom Bridge Program, you will learn to apply my proven ALIGNED FREEDOM METHOD, and get clear on exactly what you want, overcome internal fears and limitations, and start an aligned online business, so you can unlock the freedom and meaning you've been seeking in your work.

The Freedom Bridge Program is the #1 way to start your online business effortlessly so you can finally have ultimate freedom over your time, location, and finances! 

The Aligned Freedom Method

What is that exactly?

The Aligned Freedom Method is my proven 3-step system, specifically designed to help unfulfilled employees start & grow lucrative online businesses. 

3 Core Pillars of the Aligned Freedom Method



Understand what's not currently working, discover your core values &vision, and  identify a meaningful + lucrative business idea.


Dismantle limiting thoughts & fears, embody a powerful subconscious identity, establish behavioural habits aligned with vision + new business. 



Design and implement proven business strategies that will work for your specific business and start generating income online!


Why You Need the Freedom Bridge Program:


▶︎   FBP is designed to help you start an aligned and lucrative online business, period. 

FBP will teach you exactly how to choose a profitable business idea, create a strategic business + marketing plan, and start your online business! 

▶︎  FBP includes subconscious reprogramming tools to help you overcome any internalized fears & blocks holding you back from your online business
▶︎  FBP is designed by a coach who has walked in your shoes: starting a successful online business and leaving her career as a lawyer (more on that later

Best of All, FBP is designed by someone who has been in your exact shoes - It's been tested and it works! 


The Freedom Bridge Program Includes:

Exclusive Trainings


You will have access to exclusive trainings and modules in a member's only portal - these trainings are designed to take you through the 4 intentional phases of the Aligned Freedom Method so you can start your business!


Group Coaching Calls


Weekly group coaching calls for Q&As, hot-seats, and office hours, to ensure you are supported, accountable, and taking actionable steps forward. 


Workbooks & Exercises


Each module contains a workbook and related exercises to help you implement the learnings and create tangible results.


And that's not all...


Make them feel special


Private Community


Expedite your results by having a supportive community that is in your shoes and walking on this path with you! This is an intimate private community to help support you and keep you accountable. 


What my Clients are Experiencing

Vanessa F, Doctor turned Artist

I was unhappy as a dermatologist and wanted to do art full time, but had no idea how to start a business. Nav helped me establish my art business online and it completely exploded!

I've sold over 30 pieces of art at my first exhibition, launched a website where I am selling my art, and recently launched a new collection, all while in FBP!

Nav helps you implement what you've learned and grow an aligned business that allows you to have joy, freedom, peace, and is so fulfilling! 
Nicholas K, Cybersecurity Designation Expert

As a Project Manager I work on large implementation projects for multi-national companies. I had many business ideas of my own but didn't have the toolkit to take me from inception to execution of an idea, until I joined the Freedom Bridge Program.

The Freedom Bridge helped me do this in a systemic way, with clear steps to start a viable business based on my personal talents and skills. FBP also helped me look at the mindset pieces I needed to change to grow my business. I now have a duplicatable process to follow for any future business I want to start! 
Bridget J, CPA turned Online Finance Mentor 

I needed guidance around leaving my corporate job as an accountant and starting a business of my own. I wasn't clear on a business model and didn't believe in myself. I had no idea how my experiences could help someone else. 

Nav gave me the clarity I needed to start and helped me see how I could use my background and experiences to help others through my own business. She gave me the motivation and resources needed to stay focused and on my next chapter of owning my own business!

Imagine waking up, actually excited to work on a Monday morning

(and every morning!) 

Once you’re inside the Freedom Bridge Program, you will rediscover your authentic self and find the right business path for you

You will reset your limiting subconscious beliefs currently keeping you stuck in paralysis.

You will
 redesign the life you want and create an impactful & profitable business. 

You will finally realign with yourself and live the life of freedom and meaning you've been craving for the last 5 years! 
You will finally feel fulfilled and FREE. 
Imagine feeling and excited to jump into each day!
Imagine becoming a better version of yourself and achieving your life and business goals with ease.
But here's the thing... It doesn't happen overnight...
Nor does it happen by working even harder which is probably what you've been told in the past, right?
But how it does happen is with consistency, dedication, and a solid roadmap…
With the Freedom Bridge Program you can unlock the steps to reach the freedom you’ve been seeking.
So let me ask you...
Will you take responsibility on making this happen for yourself? 

Will you commit to changing your life, becoming your own boss, achieving ultimate freedom, and finally leaving your unfulfilling career? 

Hi, I'm Nav

I am a Business + Mindset Coach and former lawyer.

I founded the The Aligned Freedom Method because I know first hand what it’s like to have achieved high levels of success, but still not feel happy or fulfilled...

Not long ago, I was struggling to feel happy  lawyer; feeling pressured to look like I have my life together, when really I was extremely unhappy and feeling stuck on the inside.

It took me years to figure out what I wanted before I finally had the courage to make the decision to leave law and pursue full-time entrepreneurship.

For the first time, I removed the heavy mask I had worn my whole life, trying to please others, fit in, and seek external approval - when the only approval I needed, was my own.

I created The Aligned Freedom Method to help high-achieving professionals reclaim their inner power so they can break free of societal and cultural norms, release the pressure to fit in, and gain the confidence to make intentional choices and transition out of careers that are not aligned with start a business that they love.

More Client Experiences

I was stuck in a stressful job that was affecting my mental health. On the side, I run a small business where I was making triple the income of my job. However, I was still working my 9 to 5 because I was living in fear. 

I had my first session with Navneet and could tell that she genuinely cared and was knowledgeable. She  offered amazing coaching.

That very week, I met with my boss and quit my job! Now, my business can grow and thrive! I can have more time for my son. It's amazing!

Thanks so much to Navneet for encouraging me to pursue my dreams as an entrepreneur, I am so happy!

- Rebecca B., CEO of Mom Beach LLC (Former Web Designer) 

My experience with Nav as my coach was very enlightening. She took me on a step by step approach to address my confusing thoughts and feelings about my work, confidence, and what's next.

The sessions helped me improve my outlook on life, raised my self-esteem, and gave me a clear direction on next steps in my profession.   Nav is incredibly intuitive and driven to help professionals to feel empowered and make confident decisions for their future.

 - Y. Austin , VP of Human Resources 


Navneet has been a mentor with Global Lawyers of Canada since 2019 and has provided group and 1:1 coaching for a number of law students and junior associates. Navneet’s calm and reassuring manner helps you unlock your purpose and determine your values to help you find a winning mindset for success to confidently pivot & take the next stepIt has been a pleasure to see Navneet in action and to witness high achievers come unstuck and find success in their own businesses.

- S. Lennox, Lawyer


You Have a Choice


Ok, it's time to take action...

As much as I want to share this information and keep this page live…

I don’t have much time…

Why? Because my top priority is to help my students inside the The Freedom Bridge Program

I help them reach their life and business goals…

Answer all their questions…

Be with them whenever they need me...

Conduct and lead them with lessons that are going to transform their lives...

If you want to be part of this community, I suggest acting today...

Because I will shut down this page once the program reaches capacity, as I want to ensure each person gets the personalized support they need.

And if you’re still on the fence…

Consider, how will your life look like a 3, 6, 12 months from now?

Do you want to lose 3-12 months of your life being frustrated, unhappy, and spinning your wheels, OR do you want to take a proven path where you have support, a step-by-step plan, and the opportunity to completely transform your life and start your own impactful business in a few short months?

The truth is, if you could have made the changes on your own, you would have done it by now. But there is a reason you are here…

You need support. So where do you want to be over the next 3-12 months and what path will you choose?

The choice is obvious, but the choice is ultimately yours.


6 monthly payments of only


  • Exclusive FBP trainings 
  • Two 1:1 Breakthrough Calls
  • Weekly coaching calls
  • Action-oriented workbooks
  • Private FBP community
  • Exclusive BONUS trainings 

One-Time Payment of only


Save $1000!

  • BONUS: 1:1 Freedom Planning Session call (valued at $500) 
  • Exclusive FBP trainings 
  • Two 1:1 Breakthrough Calls
  • Weekly coaching calls
  • Action-oriented workbooks
  • Private FBP community
  • Exclusive BONUS trainings 

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